By Pit Sisters hawkeyeAs much as we want to save them all, there are times that we also have to the unselfish thing and let them go, and that is what we were faced with today. We learned that one of our rescue dogs, Hawkeye had gotten very sick. Blood work and urinalysis was run, and it was discovered that he had end-stage kidney failure. After speaking with two of our veterinarians and seeing the physical shape Hawkeye was in, we decided it was time for us to end his suffering and take him over the Rainbow Bridge. We were with him in his final moments, stroking his head and giving him lots of hugs and kisses as tears streamed down our faces. We told him that we loved him and that we told him we were so sorry that we could not save him. We will always remember Hawkeye’s smile. Hawkeye- we hope you are running free and that your pain is gone and the smile is back on your face. We love you and we will never forget you. We are heartbroken.

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