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Pit Sisters is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to giving voices to the most misunderstood dogs.


To provide voices, homes and love to those who cannot speak.  To educate and advocate for homeless dogs and focus on education for both families and dogs in order to make dogs more adoptable and to keep dogs and their families together.

Pit Sisters: Giving a voice to the most misunderstood dogs.

Pit Sisters is a foster home based rescue who promises to provide love, homes and voices for those who cannot speak. Our focus is on the misunderstood dogs who are judged solely on their appearance.Most of the animals that come to Pit Sisters are in need of rehabilitation due to undernourishment/neglect or have special needs and would otherwise be euthanized. Pit Sisters works with these animals in conjunction with their foster families to get the animals back to good health both mentally and physically. Our dogs are socialized in homes with other animals and/or children to ensure their best possible fit in their forever home.


2013 – Give a Voice

In 2013 we launched our ‘Give a Voice” campaign. “Give a Voice” is focused not just on finding homes for more dogs, but also on tackling the root of the problem: a misperception about the dogs we know and love.

Give a Voice focused on:

  • Community Involvement:In partnering with Homeless Pet Clubs we engaged all segments of the community (schools, civic clubs, businesses) in helping to save dogs lives. These programs help spread our message, educate the public on pit bulls and rescue dogs, get more dogs adopted and make the entire community part of the solution.


  • Education: It is impossible to improve the lives of dogs without education. We work with and in our community to provide comprehensive education and training. Topics include everything from pit bull myths and facts, to responsible dog ownership and humane education, to how each member of the community can help save dogs lives.

Nala st New Berlin school

  • Experience: An overwhelming number of those frightened of pit bulls have never actually met one. Their vision of these dogs has been formed completely through media reports and rumors. We are forming an active group of “pit bull” all star therapy dogs to serve as ambassadors and attend events in their respective communities.


2014 – Expanding Horizons

We are pleased to announce the Pit Sisters 2014 Strategy: Expanding Horizons.


  • Pet-Ucation:We will focus on providing the resources and education needed to help keep pets with their families. We will do this through a mobile training program and associated activities
  • Public Relations: We will focus on building our therapy dog team and encouraging real time interaction with the broader community. We will also encourage media and other focused outreach highlighting their work.


  • Partnerships: We will continue and expand our Helping Paws, Shelter Makeover and Homeless Pet Clubs Programs to make an even more significant impact on dogs, families and the community at large.

To help Pit Sisters, please consider donating, fostering, and/or volunteering

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Pit Sisters is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funded 100% by donations. It is one of the few organizations that have NO paid employees, enabling 100% of donations to go directly towards the dogs.


2015-Pit Sisters is currently FULL Unfortunately we are not able to take anymore dogs at this time.
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